Machined log houses

Machined log houses
Machined log houses

Providing customized solutions to our customers inspires us to develop new solutions and apply modern technologies to deliver them. As a result, we can produce many different designs for our customers today.

Using walls with different thickness in a log house

Using of this option has several positive results. Using thinner interior walls leaves more space on the floor. You can save money from the price of the walls but also from the price of interior doors and assembly work.

Extra insulation

We offer a special insulation system for additional lining and insulation of log walls. The use of this solution allows the log walls to be covered with a material of your choice while adding an additional layer of insulation.

Double exterior wall

A double exterior wall consists of two wall constructions where insulating material is placed between two parallel exterior walls. The gap between the outer wall layers can be adjusted according to desired insulation thickness. This double exterior wall solution ensures efficient energy savings and helps to keep the heating costs of a house to a minimum.