Blown wool

Blown wool

In order to expand our company, we started to insulate the buildings with blown wool. In today’s economy, the prices of solid and liquid fuels are rising very fast. Nobody paid serious attention to this before but now when people are starting to think about saving the energy, we are happy to make homes and buildings energy efficient. Both new and old buildings need proper insulation. Generally, wools in forms of rolls and batts are used for insulation. The result can be greatly improved by using blown wool, which is easier, faster and cheaper to install, even in difficult areas. Customers who have ordered our services and insulated their buildings with blown wool are satisfied with the result.

We hope you would like to discover the solutions offered by blown wool.

Preliminary work:
Work before installing blown wool.

If you have decided to install a blown wool in the loft, it is important that you do the preliminary work as you can not walk on the wool or move the wool after installing.

*To move around in the loft later, pavements must be constructed.

*When heating, water, electricity and ventilation work is completed, the routes must be insulated, as it wouldn’t be possible to do it afterwards. Routes may remain insulated inside the blown wool. The chimney foot must be insulated with a fire barrier plate to prevent the wool from coming into contact with the chimney.

*A frame must be constructed around the loft hatch on the same height as the wool to prevent the wool from falling out when opening the hatch.

*Installation of wind deflectors parallel to the rafters to guide the wind at least 15-25 cm above the wool.

*Cleaning the loft from items to ensure the best results after installation of wool.

*We give a 2-year warranty on the works performed, if the wool is not moved or otherwise damaged.

*If these conditions are not met, the contractor may refuse to install the wool or be under no obligation to provide a guarantee for the work performed.

*The facility must be able to consume 16A electricity.

*If you need a quote for this preliminary work, please write your request in the contact form.

Works and services at an agreed price depending on the object. 

*Loft cleaning and preparation for the installation of blown wool.

*Installation of wind deflectors and construction of a box around the loft hatch.

*Construction of sidewalks if there is a need to move later in the loft.

*Insulation of pipelines and other routes.

*We build saunas, terraces, gardens, wooden sheds, roofs and facades.

*NB! If you have a desire for a product/service that is not listed here, please
contact us, we will definitely find a solution for you.